Product Design / Design for Special Needs
National Institute of Design

Team Members
Aditya Vora

Sketching / Ideation
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
3D Printing
Rhinoceros 3D
Auxil is a completely customizable pair of crutches designed for people with impaired limbs who still want to maintain an active, on the move lifestyle.

Conventional crutches are difficult to accommodate in cramped spaces. Also, they necessitate the user to find a place to put them when sitting.

Auxil alleviates these issues using a folding design and a strap that keeps them locked to the user’s leg when sitting or standing.
The ergonomic handles are 3D printed and parametrically designed so they can be custom to fit any user.

Made from lightweight aluminum and completely adjustable in length, the crutches feature a locking joint to reduce the need to remove them when sitting in chairs or getting in and out of vehicles.

Self Locking Hinge
Hinge mechanism machined via lathe

Final prototype
Shown are the 3d printed parametric grips, and the padded arm supports

Standing assist
Using the crutch to rise from a seated position

Leg attachment accesory
Leg accesory that holds the crutch to the leg when seated