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Urban Indian households generate over 6 kgs of waste daily. The onus of collecting stray trash comes to street to street sweepers dispatched by municipal corporations and private parties for those who live in apartments and societies.

These collectors are often ill-equipped, poorly trained and exposed to various biological and physical hazards.

Using these initial triggers I planned to tackle a project which could help make Ahmedabad’s street sweeping force more healthy for its workers and more efficient in its deployment.


street sweepers in Ahmedabad (AMC, 2017)


tonnes of waste collected daily in Ahmedabad (AMC, 2017)


increase in waste production in the past decade(Swacch Bharat, 2017)

I planned out the flow of waste management in Ahmedabad to understand the intent and where a new product may fit.


  • Collectors are subject to several physical ailments due to poor ergonomics of the trolleys.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders from repeated movements
  • Soreness
  • Tendonitis from undue strain on the spine, feet and lower back.
  • Bio/chemical hazards from manual garbage handling

  • Lack of community feedback
  • Viewed as “low” work
  • Carts are unsightly, prone to theft, sold in black market as scrap
  • Repeated contact with garbage
  • No shade or storage for user

  • Over 70kg material used
  • Very expensive yet lasts only 2-3 years
  • Difficult to repair - non standard parts
  • Very labour intensive

Concept designed after several iterations

Affordances of the new design
  • Cycle powered for easy pulling and  manoeuvreability.
  • Allows user to sit or stand
  • Minimized contact with garbage reduces health impact
  • Repeated bending not necessary to pick up garbage
  • Reduces chances of musculoskeletal disorders developing
  • Allows for easy segregation at point of pickup
  • Built in locking brake makes theft difficult
  • Hollow pipe worth less than steel bars as scrap
  • Provides shade and storage to the user
  • Uplifts worker dignity with an attractive form
  • Sponsor space for advertising