Interaction Design / Speculative Design
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Tomorrow Lab

Rapid Prototyping Wood Fabrication

Cheerfull is a product concept inspired by my personal experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown.

I had just moved to a new country, cut off from my old social circle, and due to lockdown restrictions - found it difficult to find a new one. 

A daily ritual I had back home in India was getting chai with friends. The distinctive fluted cup, the warm spices and the distincitive burn at the back of my throat as we talked and ranted about our daily troubles or celebrated small wins were all things I missed in my new environment.

Due to the new “long distance relationships” that were formed, my friends and I developed a practice of drinking tea together on video call, raising our glasses up to the screen and saying “cheers”. 
I wanted to create a product that could enhance this experience and provide a pandemic “next best thing”.

The device I created uses WiFi and a solenoid based mechanism to transmit the feeling of a “cheers” over any distance.

Two mugs can be connected, and the device offers a docking station that can accept a phone to facilitate a video call. When one mug is moved, both audibly “clink” and haptic feedback is transmitted through the mug to provide a physical sensation to the motion.

To communicate the idea, I also created a short comedic film.