La Cucina Futurista

Interaction Design / Augmented Reality /  Cognitive Gastronomy
2018 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Lume Restaurant

Marcus Cher

Unreal Engine
3DS Max
Substance Designer
Substance Painter

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“ can affect people in profound ways, and that a spirit of collaboration and sharing is essential to true progress in developing this potential. The act of eating engages all senses as well as the mind. “

La Cucina Futurista is an augmented reality experience made to enhance the experience of and delight the consumer of a meal.

Lume’s Chef Shaun Quade sourced ingredients from around Australia and created the most technical and tantalising dishes imaginable. Our job was to connect diners to these delights through psychological priming and technological interactivity.
Using traditional storytelling methods, and cutting edge 3D tools, we created a projection mapped animated film that could accompany the dining experience to weave an intricate narrative between the physical and digital worlds being presented.

Research included trips to forests, studies of diners at restaurants and an exploration of the 3D animation workflow.

Hacked together photogrammetry setup using a laundry basket from Ikea, clamp lights and a lazy Susan.

Sculpting environments within Unreal Engine

Break a leg
The final exhibit staged at RMIT
Lessons from the pros
Screenwriting workshop with Jack Steadman, playwright

Lessons from the pros

Script Artifact