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“This is the trade our parents have left us. We do it with pride because we are building a home for the idol. It is painful, hard work but it is all that we know.“ - worker at Heena Woodworks

Nakashi is the ancient art of carving animals, birds, floral patterns, religious figures and mythical creatures on doors, balconies, and ornamental or functional furniture. A project that attempted to rediscover traditional floor sitting workspaces of Ahmedabad, we wanted to understand the physical aspects of the city’s traditional woodcarvers.

Geetha Mandir road is littered every few feet with a woodworking workshop. These small scale industries employ 5-6 people each. After spending a few days interviewing workers and the owners of these stores, we settled upon Heena Woodworks for our research. A relatively medium-sized workshop, it crafts traditional ‘puja mandirs’.
Originally developed in the 12th century by Gujarati craftsmen known as the ‘mewara mistris’, it is now mainly done by migrants who came from Delhi around 2-3 decades ago.

Using several hours of recorded footage we performed time and motion studies on the craftsmen, breaking down their overall posture, seating areas, tools and reach as well as using interviews and observation to gauge their health. In addition we used video tracking software to precisely track forces acting on the craftsmen.

Workspace analysis
Sketches of Heena Woodworks

Workspace analysis
Reach analysis of craftsmen

Workspace suggestions
Design intervention sketches

Workspace analysis
Sketches of Heena Woodworks

Workspace analysis
Posture analysis of craftsmen

Tool suggestions
Design intervention sketches