Interaction Design / Installation
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Carla Diana

After Effects
A curious ear to my walls. Guilt for the pain I’m told I am a reason for. If only this structure was made transparent, I used to think. As I grew older it did. The walls disappeared and the voices and the bodies they came from were more intrusive within my space. Even when I seemed to be alone, they invaded my subconscious. With enough time, the voices nearly replaced my own.

At night with a quiet struggle, the thoughts are bathed in fuzz and color. The new abstraction is what gives me comfort as my mind scrubs away the rough edges of the past, so it can be secure in the present.

In creating this piece I practiced this abstraction. I attempted bringing the fuzz that I retain into a stark figure projected on to the wall I used to wish I could see through. The distortion remains as even though I have gotten older and wiser, my understanding is not complete. Am I searching for answers or meaning, or am I content with the sterile drones I have replaced them with. Is there a shame in tuning out of a memory?  

As I process these thoughts I am still being watched and judged. I cannot move out of this view. With dependence comes the clause of being bound.

When I am frozen, I am a child again.
Room is a projection mapped installation that aims to deal with the topic of domestic violence and the traumatic effect it can have on children.

It consists of an obtrusive camera element that tracks the viewer and shifts the perspective of a real time animation to simulate being able to look through a panel in a wall.

Snippets of audio were processed and assembled to create realistic muffled dialogue. Code and VFX software were used to create a color shifting wall within the simulated room that aims to mirror the emotions and heightening tensions within.

Room from Vikram Kalidindi on Vimeo.