tv tower

Interaction Design / Video / Music Composition / Installation
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Adobe Premiere Pro
Ableton Live

tv tower is an interactive installation that aims to represent the fractured and blurred memories I’d experienced and forgotten during the lockdown created by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The installation takes the form of a tower of TV screens that are activated as viewers enter the room.  
When the room is empty, the music is fractured, dissonant and the visuals abstract and distorted.
As viewers enter and lend their energy to the installation, the installation grows, with more screens being activated. The music becomes calmer, the tower no longer alone. The memories depicted are fresh, comforting and represent a new hope.

TV Tower
Image showing the projection mapped visuals.A single projector was used to project visuals on to cardboard boxes arranged to form a “floating” tower.  

Stage 1
Video clip from the most distorted stage of the tower.

Stage 3
Video clip from the third stage of the tower.